Our company offers a wide range of services from weddings, events, corporate videos and more. We believe each event is unique and requires special attention. No matter how large or small, we are flexible and able to customize our packages and services to fit within your budget and create a video that’s just for you.For more Highlight Demo’s and some of our other work
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Ceremony Coverage
– ImagineWurks although have attended many weddings, each one is unique and each one requires individual attention. Along with the entire coverage of your ceremony, our crew will also cover the surroundings including the people in attendance, the flower arrangement and also the little things that you would like to remember on your wedding day. From experience, we know that as a couple, you will be so focused on making sure that everything goes as scheduled, you forget the little things that happened during your ceremony. We capture that in real time and edit it into the final product.

Reception coverage
– ImagineWurks uses professional broadcast quality Sony XDCAM EX cameras. Not all cameras are created equal. Smaller chip sized cameras do not have the capability to shoot quality video in dim light. Reception areas are prone to having dim light. ImagineWurks recommends when shopping around for a videographer, to ask what kind of equipment they use. Receptions are all different. Our team of professionals is always ready to capture that unscheduled moment. The reception is a time to party and have fun with your guests. ImagineWurks is there to work.

– One way ImagineWurks offers their creative service is through our unique slideshow presentation. Commonly known as a “photomontage”, a slideshow is a way to show your guests your life story in a few pictures. We provide the equipment along with an operator. Let ImagineWurks create a story using your photos and your special songs that you choose. And if you give us enough time, we can even show your ceremony highlights during your reception! Our goal is to capture your guests’ attention through motion and sound, and to create a short story that will guarantee to fill you with emotion. You will laugh and you will cry, and in the end, you will be glad that you got it.

Ceremony Highlights
– ImagineWurks can produce highlights of your ceremony and show it at your reception. Your guests will love it, especially the ones that could not make it to your ceremony. Added to your Slideshow, your ceremony highlights will even show you what you missed. See your grand entrance, your reaction of your guests, and your official first kiss as husband and wife.

Client Personal Pages
– ImagineWurks can produce your wedding ceremony highlight and upload it to our servers. By doing this, you will be able to share your ceremony with friends and families that could not make it to your wedding. By compressing your video, ImagineWurks will be able to post it on our website which can be viewed by anyone you wish to give out your secret password to.

Other Services
– ImagineWurks also provides video production services other than weddings. Let ImagineWurks cover your special event using the same broadcast quality equipment and professional staff. For more information, please contact one of our professional experts.